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This program was created with seniors in mind. This is the home of Strategies4RXSavings and Rx Saver Pro University where we train Medicare insurance agents the skills necessary to provide the help you need to maximize your prescription drug plan and save money when possible.



Selecting Your Medicare Agent

Don’t select just any insurance agent, select an agent that’s investing in their knowledge to take their skills, and value to you, the client, to the next level.

If controlling drug costs is important to you, select an agent that knows how to help you strategize to find the most savings.

To find an agent in your state,

Taking Your Skills as an Agent to the Next Level

Here’s your opportunity to grow your knowledge around the greatest pain point for seniors:

Prescription Drug Costs

Developing your skill set around this important topic will set you apart from other agents and greatly increase your client retention

Save a client money on their meds-Retain that client forever!

We are here for you!

How we can help?

Tips to Find Savings on Prescription Drugs

If you want to fill a room with prospects, attract them by offering something your competing agents are NOT!

A professionally written, one-of-a-kind PowerPoint presentation.

You will receive a customized copy (in Read-Only mode to protect its contents) to start giving on day 1.

Don’t let your competition beat you to this! Start doing seminars today!


Rx Saving Pro University (Monthly Membership)

You will have access to all training material Norma puts out to teach agents everything they need to know about the greatest pain point seniors have: Drug Costs! This training will give you the skills necessary to become a master in prescription drug savings and more!

It’s a great time to become a University Member! Norma has developed a one-of-a-kind website that includes, not only all written and video trainings, but the first ever database that allows you to search for savings through multiple channels from one site. It will allow you to find savings quicker and gives you the knowledge to help your clients save on their prescription medications.

A Private Facebook Group (University Members Only)

All university members will be given access to a private Facebook group, Rx Saver Pro, where you can ask Norma and her team of pharmacist’s questions about drugs and drug savings. While Norma answers most questions, she calls out for assistance if she knows she has a pharmacist with certain knowledge. To date, there are 8 licensed pharmacists in the Facebook group.



Who is Norma Johnson?

I am a licensed pharmacist in Tennessee, Ohio, and Mississippi. After spending 20 years in retail pharmacy, I left retail to get back to patient care by helping people understand their Medicare options.

Over the years I has seen people struggle to afford their medications. I was in pharmacy before discount cards came into existence. I have helped patients find savings throughout my career by knowing different paths to explore to find the best savings. As a Medicare agent, I use my knowledge of drugs, drug saving strategies, and plan design to maximize drug savings for my clients.

Since helping people find savings is a lifelong passion, I want to help everyone. As one person, I cannot possibly find everyone that needs help, therefore, I created Rx Saver Pro University and Tips to find Savings on Prescription Drugs to both educate clients and educate agents across the country to help their clients find savings on their prescription drugs. Together, we can find every senior that needs our assistance, and bring them value as their agent, in ways other agents not investing in their skillset can.

Customized  Tips to Find Saving on Prescription Drugs” Presentation

  • Normally we can provide your customized presentation within 24 hours after purchase.
  • Your name, your agency, and your contact info will be added to this professionally illustrated presentation that has been filling rooms all over the country.
  • Important: You will receive this in READ ONLY MODE. Select read only to open it.
  • Purchase comes with 8 training videos.
  • This presentation is for agents, not agencies.

RX Saver Pro University

  • A new mindset around client intake (asking probing questions)
  • How to formulate your thought process around what’s best for the client based off their responses
  • How to correctly research drug copays and how to identify when something isn’t right
  • What I see when I’m looking at plan options and the thought process around how I select Advantage plans and Stand-alone drug plans
  • How to use discount cards, online pharmacies, patient assistance, grants, and when using a Certified Canadian pharmacy would be beneficial for the client
  • And much more!!

Having trouble filling your seminars?

  • Customized Tips to Find Savings on Prescription Drugs presentation
  • 8 Video Training Course

I am excited to share my 20 years of pharmacy knowledge to help you help seniors!

  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Increase your value to your clients
  • Reach 100% client retention
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group

Get Both of these Programs Together

  • All the benefits of the Educational Presentation Training
  • Along with the valuable Rx Saver Pro University