Who is Norma Johnson?

Norma Johnson, PharmD

Norma Johnson, PharmD, stands at the forefront of the prescription drug savings and healthcare solutions arena. With her pioneering spirit, she founded Strategies4RXSavings Corporation, leveraging her extensive two-decade journey as a retail pharmacist into the Medicare domain. Her dual expertise as both a licensed pharmacist and an insurance agent equips her with a unique lens to address the complexities faced by agents in navigating prescription drug plans.

Driven by a profound commitment to making essential medications accessible and affordable, Norma innovated the industry's first drug savings database encompassing all savings strategies. This tool empowers individuals to navigate the myriad of available drug savings strategies effectively.

As an adept educator skilled in demystifying intricate subjects for consumers, Norma has enhanced the StrategiesRX database with comprehensive educational resources. This integration enables agents to provide clients with not only a detailed savings report but also insightful, pharmacist-authored information on vital aspects of their prescription drug plans.

Norma's vision is anchored in the belief that access to affordable medication is a universal right, transcending age, location, health status, or insurance particulars. Her mission is dedicated to guiding individuals toward cost-effective healthcare options, ensuring a pathway to a longer and healthier life for all.

Norma Johnson